10 things you really want to know about rajput

10 things you really want to know about rajput

10 things you really want to know about rajput, rajput facts. about rajput, rajput and their attitude, interesting things about rajputs. awesome instagram quote, photo caption and more about rajput. some rare things about rajput.  Truthful people who always fight for justice.Rajputs are ready to help others without any expectations. Rajput walk with inward glory crowned.

  1. RAJPUT” is the 1st most in india, 4th in Asia, 7th in World, most common surname.

  2. 15% of india and 70% of rajasthan’s business is handled by RAJPUT’S.
    10 things you really want to know about rajput

  3. RAJPUT is the 5th most richest community in the world.
    Rajput Proud

  4. RAJPUT surname have 432 different type of sub surname.
    Rajput Proud 

  5.  35% NRI are RAJPUT.

  6.  RAJPUT the name is enough for one life.Rajput Proud

  7.  Rajputs loves fighting but hates to be soldier. That is 100% true.

  8. 10 things you really want to know about rajputRajput are kind, loving and gentle but hates to show it.

  9. Rajput are hot blooded and hot headed, may be poor sometime but proud with strange principles.

  10. Rajputs will die but never steps back from his words.

Rajputs are sincere friend but deadly enemy.

Rajputana Hindi Status


Rajput celebrate all major Hindu holidays,  particular importance is dasahara. Dasahara is a festival dedicated to Durga (the Mother Goddess).


Rajput men wear the dhoti (loincloth consisting of a long piece of white cotton wrapped around the waist. then drawn between the legs and tucked into the waist). often with a cotton tunic. Rajputs may also wear a short jacket, or angarhkha, that fastens on the right side.They wear turbans that are tied to represent their particular clan. Rajput women wear either the sari (a length of fabric wrapped around the waist, with one end thrown over the right shoulder) or loose, baggy pants with a tunic. The lengha (long, flowing skirt) is also associated with the traditional dress of Rajasthan.