Why some people hate rajputs

Why some people hate rajputs

Yes! that is true, some people really hate rajputs. let me explain you who these people are ? 

  1. People who are jealous of Rajputs and their glory.
  2. People who want some controversy to become famous.
  3. Most of haters are non-Hindus and every one knows why  non-hindus  hate Rajput.
  4. Some people think that they are weaker because of Rajputs.
  5. Few community groups are specially hates Rajputs because of they and their grand-parents did not do any thing for india. 
  6. Some people hats because Rajputs are so popular not only in india but outside of india too.
  7. For increasing their video, blog and articles view. they need some hot topic and you know rajput blood …?

So their is many more reason that can vary people to people. one of the common reason is jealousy. I read some Anti-Rajput articles in a national news-paper website. I was quite angry that time then i look at the writer name, and its again shocked me. that writter is also hindu and he belongs to a community  which has some personal issues with rajputs in rajasthan. 

After protest of a movie there are some more anti-rajput articles and videos and blogs are visible on internet. Now  many people who are hungry for spread rumors  and wrong history on internet because JIO gave them full free data to put their shit on it. 

I also see a comedian (so called comedian) who is a comedian, part-time screenwriter, and part-time  lyricist make some statement on Rajput Karni Sena for a very less amount of money. 

Why people love rajputs-

Now i will show you why people love rajpus

  1. Rajput, maratha, and sikhh are only who fight for india since centuries and still country.
  2. After 100’s years of muslim rules india still have major hindu population because of rajput , marathas,& sikhh.
  3. Rajput protects their people and land till death.
  4. Rajput always fight for hinduism. 
  5. When most of the caste hide in their home Rajputs fought against the invaders.
  6. Indian history is full from rajputs bravery .
  7. Rajput is the 5th most richest community in the world.
  8. Protect Hindu temple from mughals and other Islamic invaders.
  9. Rajput kings construction of temples, palaces like Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and other grand palaces all over Rajasthan, MP etc..
  10. Rajputs have donated or given away their Wealth and Money for this nations establishment to the first government.
  11. Today Rajputs are contributing to One India Agenda by not begging for reservations like some other selfish communities, even after losing and giving away their wealth and privileges.
  12. Rajputs have dedicated their lives for Miliatary and chosen it as a profession along with gorkhas and sikhs. no one can’t deny that.

So Rajputs have done good enough for Indian foundation as an individual nation and helped the crowd funding when 90% population was below base earning. 

I just want to say you , “no matter what people think about you, be you and let them hear about you from others”.