Top 10 amazing forts of rajasthan built by rajput kings

Rajasthan is full of magnificent forts and royal history. It is treasure of magnificent forts. We will introduce you top 10 amazing forts of Rajasthan. Each fort has its own story and importance. Some of them are famous for battle and some of them are very romantic. Forts in Rajasthan it self defined the glory of Rajput era. The Forts are reminiscences of the greatness of the rulers.

Top 10 amazing forts of Rajasthan

1. Amer Fort – Jaipur

Amer Fort is 11 kilometers away from jaipur main city. One of the most crowded & famous places in Rajasthan. It is build by Raja(King) Man Singh. The amber fort contain temple, halls & palace with amazing architecture.

2. Chittorgarh Fort -Chittor

Chittorgarh Fort is located in chittor rajasthan, 175 kilometer away from udaipur. It is also an UNISCO World Heritage Site declared in year 2013. Chittorgarh Fort representthe glory of mewar kingdom. It has seven famouse gate most named after hindu gods such as Hanuman gate, ganesh gate, Bhairo gate, Lakshman Gate, Ram Gate etc.

3. Kumbhalgarh Fort – Kumbalgarh 

Kumbhalgarh fort is another World Heritage Site i rajsthan. The fort built during the course of Rana Kumbha. Kumbhalgarh fort is 84 kms away from Udaipur railway station and Airport.

4. Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh fort built by Rao Jodha in around 1460. The Fort contain several palaces an anciant temples with rajput architecture. The Mehrangarh word is derived from two Sanskrit words Mihir & Garh. Mihir means Sun and Garh means fort, so Mehrangarh is stand for Fort Of Sun.

5. Jaisalmer Fort – Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort located in Jaisalmer city Rajasthan. The fort one of the oldest forts in rajasthan. Jaisalmer fort  built by Rao Jaisal  in 1156 AD. Jaisalmer Fort also known as Golden fort(Sone Ka Kila) by locals.

6. Junagarh Fort – Bikaner

Junagarh Fort situated in Bikaner city Rajasthan. The original name of this fort is Chintamani.  Junagarh Fort  is not built on hill top. Bikaner city built around this fort.

7. Lohagarh Fort -Bharatpu


Lohagarh Fort located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Maharaja Suraj Mal built this fort in 18 century. The Lohagarh fort is one of the strongest fort in India. Lohagarh Fort is covered by a grand lake .

8. Alwar Fort – Alwar


Alwar Fort also called Bala Kila or Bala Quila situated on a hill in the Aravalli Range in Alwar Rajasthan.Alwar fort is 5 km long and 1.5 km wide. It was not built by Rajput ruler but later own by Kachwaha Rajputs.

9. Ranthambhor Fort- Prempura


Ranthambore Fort located near near the town of Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan. The Ranthambore fort built by  Chauhans (Rajput ruler). The fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the group Hill Forts of Rajasthan.

10. Bhangarh Fort- Bhangarh


The Bhangarh fort built in 17th-century by Raja Bhagwant Singh. King Bhagwant Singh built this for his son Madho Singh. The Bhangarh Fort is situated in Alwar district near Sariska Reserve.

In the land of kings Every Fort is extraordinary, every city will glade your heart. we just show you top 10 amazing forts of Rajasthan. Some of famous fort still not in the list please comment if you know more about them. You can also share your knowledge about forts in Rajasthan in comment section. Thanks for visit this page.

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